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Priestess Jywanza ~)o(~


Hotep! We have been a deep-seated strong powerful member and profound poster of Black Voices for 5 years. Our time is spent doing Study and Research and Surf'n the Internet. We have produced and maintained 7 powerful valuable effective Afrocentric websites, 2 discussion boards, polls and several exceptional unique on line Afrocentric Gift Shops. We have also created a very vital exclusive challenging - on-of-a-kind "Eurocentric Analysis" - "Who Controls Your Mind??!!" Our analysis is for people of Afrikan Descent - posted at our site - Black Watch Research and Study. We would like to invite you to set aside sometime to take our extremely challenging informative analysis. This analysis is guaranteed to help you discover more about yourself. Our poetry creations and profile can be found at our site - Black Women's Hair Poetry. We ask that you please help with our costs by financially supporting our gift shops and websites. Please also sign our guest books as well. We would luv to have your feedback to improve our sites. Our time is also spent posting on several other discussion boards. We have been blessed to be caregivers to two Big Beautiful Black Great Danes - Simba and Sheba. Peace and Blessings! Priestess Jywanza ~)o(~
Name: Priestess Jywanza ~)o(~ <jywanza1@Yahoo.com>

Age: 69 Years Old (11/6/1948)
Location: United States

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